Positive Utilisation Of Characteristics Of Virgo

Today is my Birthday. My favourite colours are; Black: It represents Attitude; Boldness, Toughness, and Outspokenness Green: It represents Production/ or Reproduction; Birth/ or Rebirth, Flourishing, and Outstanding White is my 'Star' Colour: Virgo; Virgin, Purity, Endurance, Humility, Loving, Caring, Understanding, Knowledgeable, Wisdom, and Consistency. I'm an outstanding Virgo. A very powerful one. As I... Continue Reading →

My Birthday And Table Mountain

Morning Fellaz, hope you guys are good today. Awwww Cape Town weather this morning is mortuary standard, lol. Looking at 'Table Mountain', you wouldn't need to ask about how the atmosphere feels. I feel like I'm inside a deep freezer because I live a stone throw to the 'Table Mountain'. Table Mountain is one of... Continue Reading →

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