Germans Are Engulf In Anxiety As Election Date Approaches

Perplexed by diverse political manifestos as the people set to elect parliamentary members in the German Bundestag come Sunday, 26 September 2021

The upcoming Election of the 20th German Bundestag that will take place in 16 days is a quadrennial event in the German political sphere. The German Bundestag is the representation of the people in the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The people have bestowed the power to choose their representatives and vest them the legislative authority for decision making and implementation. Thus, the people’s fate and that of the Nation depend on the representatives and in that capacity, the party manifesto is often a determining factor for choosing the representatives.

Although the personality representing such party contributes to the people’s choice, such as Angela Markel, the chancellor of Germany since 2005, Angela Merkel is not only the first female chancellor of Germany. But a politician after the people’s heart.

Her leadership has been that of excellence. She is rational and never visibly plays the power-card because of the combination of her social competence as a woman in politics and her academic education.

Merkel’s impact in her 16 years as a chancellor stretches through her political party. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to Germany as a whole. And can be felt in the European Union.

Now, as Merkel’s tenure approaches an end in the next few days, the CDU’s face has changed significantly during the last 16 years, and that kept the CDU pertinent until now, much to the dismay of its oppositions.

Merkel has likely done more, establishing women in politics than any other individual in modern German history, which she did inoffensively. But vividly pushed women where ever there was a suitable candidate, and she never cared about party affiliation.

She is a conservative-liberal, totally pragmatic and non-ideological in her approach. And will accept feasible solutions, to the detriment of her personal views.

In international politics, Merkel is a multilateralist. While German lobbyists still push for the interests of German industry within the EU, as a political broker, she is much respected among her colleagues because she can see the interests and needs of the others and is willing to accommodate them.

With such impeccable dispositions of Angela Merkel’s personality, the anxiety that engulfs Germans as the election date approach could be understood.

Other convincing parties like SDP and the Green party have their respective, attractive manifestos. That may help annihilate climate change and economic stabilization, but the anxiety revolves around the individuals representing the parties, as no perfect replacement for Angela Merkel is on sight.

A perturbing situation it is. But when compared to the African counterparts in a moment like this, the margin between practical democracy and theoretical democracy would be widely visible.

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