The Importance Of Renewable Energy In A Changing Climate Can Never Be Over Emphasized

Annihilating Climate Change without minimizing electricity production and usage is not enough for Climate Protection, especially when almost half of the pollution comes from the burning of fossils.

Renewable Energies curtail carbon pollution and have a lesser impact on our climate. Moreover, they rely solely on Nature for energy production.

Sun and Wind have more impact on climate change. Ironically, they are the most effective sources of Renewable Energies.

Sadly, most African countries rely on the burning of fossil fuels for electricity. Oblivious or little aware of their negative impact on our environment.

Governments pay less attention to Renewable Energy because they derive revenues from sales of fossil fuels and the National grid.

Nigeria, for example, can generate 600,000 megawatts of electricity in one per cent of the land through Solar Energy and the government are yet to tap from it, being the best form of Renewable Energy.

Worse still, water pollution is being witnessed daily in the South-Eastern part of the country, from the drilling of Crude Oil used in the burning of fossils, which poses a greater danger to the climate.

The price of Solar Modules could be high, but their efficiency and lifespan of at least 25 years make them worth using, with a battery pay-back period of 4 to 5 years.

Unlike the Conventional Energy of oil, coal and gas, which get exhausted regularly, renewable energy is always available on a cyclic basis.

Taken into the record, the Nigeria population of over Two hundred million people with 60% dependency on conventional energy, as well as some other African countries, calls for deep concern for the climate.

Religious beliefs also play a negative role in the call for Climate Protection because a majority of the people misconstrued Climate change to be the Biblical signs of the world coming to an end, thus do not put the required amount of action to enforce climate protection.

Such misconstrued assertion, be it a reality, does not hinder one from taking responsibility for climate protection. It is a challenge that should not be undermined but solved.

So far we live, Solar Energy will always be here. Every day, when the sun comes up, Solar energy begins to be available.

Wind as well can be tapped into as renewable energy. Wind erupts because of extra-terrestrial solar heating of the air masses in the extra-terrestrial space, leading to pressure differences, manifesting in the flow of air, which generates energy when tapped.

There is a dire need for things to turn around because the effects of climate change in the agricultural sectors are challenging and tedious.

Agricultural produce continually depreciates in quality and quantity, enforcing higher prices, which triggers massive hunger and starvation in some regions.

Renewable energy, if given attention, is a better way to protect the climate and help our environment.

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