Hon. Eddy Duru The President Of Rarduja International Addressing Migration Issues In Nigeria (Photos)

At This Moment That Nigeria Is Grappled With Boko Haram Insurgency, Massive Starvation, Insecurity And Rumours Of War. Migration Is An Issue That Cannot Be Swept Under The Carpet, As Majority Want To Flee The Country.

Having spoken with Honourable Eddy Duru (who also is a counsellor in Kassel, Hessen state of Germany) earlier today, he brought to my knowledge, Rarduja’s ongoing sensitization in Nigeria regards migration.

Although at first my reservedness about the issue couldn’t be hidden considering the challenges that Nigerians are faced with now, trying to dissuade anyone from migration amounts to becoming the person’s enemy, but keeping mute without sensitizing the people on the need for a proper migration strategy is tantamount to devilishness.

Most people believe that securing a visa to leave the country is all it requires to live in a foreign country, without considering the challenges of a visa extension in such a country, depending on the visa category.

Rarduja International understands such challenges and had over the years, risen to become a source through which stranded Nigerian migrants abroad make it back home, knowing that it is always easier to travel than to return with inappropriate migration documentation, Hon. Eddy Duru started a social crusading.

Collaborating with some of the embassies, the Nigerian government, and hosts of media personalities, through his organization, in raising funds for stranded migrants to return home, as well as offering migration classes to sensitize and educate the people on the risks and dangers of making an unplanned journey abroad.

Notwithstanding having set up skill acquisition programs in some of the states in the country, enabling people to acquire different skills needed in the countries they would plan travelling to, with such gesture, the obliviousness of travelling without a proper document or skill, is mitigated.

Hence, people intending for such a journey without proper plan or guidance are encouraged to reach out to Rarduja International for counselling.

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