Muhammadu Buhari’s Clueless Tyrannical Administration Has Left Nigeria In A Chaotic State

After The Peaceful End Sars Protest That Turned Bloody, The Last Thing Expected Of The Country Anytime Soon, Is Another Wanton Destructions Of Lives And Properties, Which Is Ongoing.

The rate of burning and shooting being witnessed in Nigeria for the past weeks is nothing to write home about, worse still, less or nothing is being done to quell the situation. The masses are engrossed in fear and confusion.

When one person allocates to himself the absolute knowledge of the solution to the problems facing about two hundred million people, then the person’s brain needs to be evaluated, which is the case of President Muhammadu Buhari. Who is brainless and thus, no amount of examination would yield a result.

At this point, a sensible leader will hand over power to a more clueful administration that would lead the country to the path of peace and progress. But, the inordinate ambition in Buhari and his cabals had overcrowded their sense of humanity and concern for the well-being of the citizens, which demonizes an administration that claimed to be fighting corruption.

Whilst the people are clamouring for the disintegration of a false union conjoined by the British Frederick John Dealtry Lugard (Lord Lugard) in 1914, which birthed one Nigeria, notwithstanding the people’s religious and cultural differences. A thoughtful leader ought to have, at this point, addressed the nation diplomatically, but Buhari, being too tribal with the born to rule mindset of the Northerners, which had left them in the most vital offices in his government.

The marginalization of other regions is a contributing factor to the present chaos in the country, as people are denied the rights of accessing government functionalities, especially in the federal cadre, presently made up of a bunch of ineligible individuals that kept and continuously taking the country backward.

Nothing would be left of Nigeria by the time Buhari relinquishes power in 2023. To the detriment of whoever becomes his successor, having to rebuild all that he had plundered in these few years, which would likely lead to borrowing, while the country is still hugely indebted to the international communities.

How long should such ugly menace keep repeating itself? The current situation in Nigeria is quite saddening. Disheartening it is that the leaders fold their hands and dumbfounded at the face of injustice and civil disarray, maybe until the military rises to seize power or perhaps, the interference of the international communities in a country that is said to be sovereign.

“The man dies in all who keeps quiet in the face of tyranny” A noble laureate once said.

Nigeria needs to be restructured into a regional government, allowing each region the right to control its resources to enhance regional developments and placements of infrastructural facilities, void of tribal sentiments.

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