The Misconception Between A Blog And Media Or News Website Often Stimulates Expectation Of Certain Articles In The Readers

Having Had Google Approved My Blog For AdSense Ads Within My Three Months Of Blogging Which I started In August 2018 I Find It Worth Writing This Tip Not Just For Bloggers Alone But For Readers As Well

A few weeks ago my blog had reached 1,007 followers. Of which, I wanted to write a blog post to appreciate these wonderful people that found my blog worth following but, not after I noticed the inconsistency of some of these followers that often had to use the unfollow button as well, depending on the content that triggers this behaviour from them.

Which is still to my bafflement of their expectation regards what I should write and what I shouldn’t write. Google Adsense Ads is often the expectation of most Bloggers and Website owners, not only because of the payment that comes from it. But, it is another proof of the genuineness or authenticity of such blog and website contents.

Unfortunately, Google Adsense Ads does not come with ease, as Google have their criterion for approving any blog or website for Adsense which varies from the sufficiency of text on the blog or website.

Google would not approve a site that contains mostly images, videos or flash animations. The contents should contain complete sentences and paragraphs, not only headlines. Ensuring that the site is fully built and launched before applying for Adsense.

Providing a clear navigation system for the visitors so they can easily find all of the sections and pages of the site. Lastly, defining a niche for the blog or website, which motivated this post.

The niche or rather, specialisation of Nzubes Truth Blog is Inspiration and not media/news. There are ample media and news website in our today’s world, which I often visit most of them to be updated on the current happenings in the society and never had I or would intend to base my blog on media and news because that is not my sole purpose of blogging.

The misconception of blogging, for media and news writing, is the reason some readers often use the unfollow button whenever their desired article or content is not meet up with. Sadly, a blogger that expects to activate the Google Adsense Ads on the site but changes the site niche on the process of using the Adsense Ads to suit the readers desired contents, thereby violating Google Adsense policy, risks deactivation of the said Google Adsense Ads on the blog.

Although my blog is currently not showing the Google Adsense Ads, but rather a few WordPress Ads, which I have no control over, as I am not on a paid plan at the moment, that would never trigger me to change the Blog’s niche into a copy and paste blog, where I would have to download images from other sites and perhaps their contents, to meet up with the expectations of some readers.

The desire to become a Blogger and Creative Writer was motivated by the richness of my mindset, which saw a need to make a positive impact in a collapsing society through write-ups. In this regard, I tend not to deviate at any time from this motive so I could fit in.

At this juncture, I want to say thank you to the few individuals who haven’t given up on my Blog. Despite ineptitude publishing, you still follow my Blog. It supports me in itself and encourages me to write, even though I had almost given up. I appreciate you all.

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