The Ability In Every Disability Lies Solely On The Mentality

An Equipped Mindset Is The Key To Actualisation Of Dreams Notwithstanding Physical Challenges Whilst An Obsolete Mindset Is The Ruin Of Dreams Despite Physical Abilities

Oftentimes people without any physical challenge or disability find it difficult to reach their dreams in life, while the disabled ones do acquire skills that enable them to attain unimaginable heights to the bewilderment of the abled ones, not because the abled ones are not capable of acquiring such skills, but their mindset probably doesn’t conceive certain ideas.

Physically abled people often want to wait for the right time and the right opportunities to explore their talent, while disabled ones are bound to explore theirs relentlessly because people mostly look down on them and thus, they need not wait further in doing for themselves what others cannot do for them without the feeling of pity or pride.

Which leave them in the pursuit of skills in order not to continue looking up to certain people for their daily bread. Although, some disabled people could be prone to become beggars and often seek handouts for their upkeep and survival, which they should not be blamed for because of their physical inability to provide for themself.

But, the ones with a well-equipped mindset need not seek such handouts, as they know it leaves them at the mercy of other people.

Despite the willful disposition of disabled or physically challenged people, belonging to the deprived members of the society and as such, requires pity from the abled people. Some are physically able but lacks a mindset that encourages them to acquire skills that would see to the attainment of their goals in life or perhaps are lazy to acquire such skills in environments with a high unemployment rate.

They, in turn, become beggars in the guise of being physically challenged to gain pity from the hardworking people, which often discourages acts of benevolence. As one could hardly tell the realness of the ailment in every beggar on the streets, thereby limiting the amount of kindness shown to the real ones.

When the benefactors are in a shortcoming, the real physically challenged people are forced to acquire skills despite their challenges, whereas the con ones wouldn’t care because begging has become part of them, not because they are disabled but, they lack the mentality that challenges their incapability or laziness.

In a world that is fast becoming short of empaths and selflessness, people only want to help others in front of the camera, to make a show-off and possibly get attention with a sense of entitlement. Which eventually leaves the beneficiary vulnerable and undermined.

There is a great need for every individual to equip the mindset with a sense of hard work and skill acquisition if faced with unemployment, other than making a living from handouts or living in self-pity of oneself, which is likely to leave one at the mercy of others and as well, be seen as a burden or liability.

One shouldn’t wait for others to do what one could do for oneself. Such expectations often come with a price to pay in the latter.

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