I Conquered My Fears The Moment I Stopped Being Afraid Of Satan

The Assertion That Prayer Changes People And People Change The World Has Left Many In Endless Prayer Sessions On Their Quest To Defeat Their Imaginary Enemy Of Progress Which Is Satan

As a renounced Christian, who was once dedicated to the course of serving an almighty, all-seeing and all-knowing God. Who lives in heaven with his family but condones so many atrocities going on earth, with Satan as the scapegoat for the impunity of the perpetrators of evil.

I wondered why God didn’t defeat Satan long ago, so people could accept responsibility for their actions without having to always blame Satan and thus, getting away with their inhuman actions.

Sadly, Satan has no advocate as we are all advocates to this heavenly god. He claims to know everything but still uses certain persons as his mouthpiece to fight people because of their respective beliefs and human differences.

I realized that the thought of good and evil are both states of the mind, like the positive and negative of electric cables, of which one cannot do without the other.

Likewise, heaven and hell are the conditions of human beings depending on what one is passing through at a particular moment and never a destination to reach in the afterlife. Humans are nature and nature is endless. Just as energy can only transform but never destroys are humans.

So, if humans are energy and exists as a natural phenomenon and reacts according to their state of mind, why then do we blame Satan when we do evil and praise God when we do good?

Having grown up with a preconditioned state of mind that subjected me to the acceptance of an invisible God who was said to be more powerful than an enemy called Satan and I had to believe in this god to defeat Satan at all times. Especially in periods of tribulations, trials and temptations.

By so doing, I had incurred for myself an enemy who never did anything wrong to me, neither was the invisible God visible to me. So, why would I be friends with a god that never reveals himself to me and an enemy with Satan who never did any wrong to me?

But, I was taught to do so to be a child of God and inherit a place in his kingdom(heaven) while believing in Satan would lead me to hell. And to be a child of God means being an enemy with Satan, while I still had to pray to god for Satan not to harm me.

While exercising such religious beliefs and faith, I was in constant battle with my illusions which often presented scary things in my dream and I had to always scream the blood of Jesus or holy ghost fire. The dreams kept occurring until the journey of my spiritual awakening began.

I realized many things on my walk with Nature and started understanding the Universe, despite Its complexity because no one can comprehend it. But, can only be in tune with a glance of it and thus, becomes the miracle or magic that one often pray for without manifestations.

Never had I believed in a day when Satan would become my friend and the existence of a human god an illusion to me, but life kept unfolding to an extent where I stopped asking God to protect me from Satan and then started asking Satan not to harm me.

Instead of asking God to guard me through troubles, which often comes despite my prayers, I began asking Satan not to bring trouble. “Satan Is God”.

Perhaps, if God was more powerful than Satan he would have defeated him long ago before our existence.

Some people cannot do without blaming games and constantly need someone to blame for their shortcomings, while Satan is at the receiving end of it.

Why then is Satan not being defeated after ages of constant prayers, which never stopped the evil perpetrated by human nature? Because Satan is innocent.

People are faced with challenges caused by inordinate polities in our political spheres and likely to embrace the chains of religion as the only way out. Unfortunately, these chains become a burden to their soul and tie them to enmity, bitterness and envy.

One who works hard and spends a little or no time in prayer would actualise more results than one who spends quality time in prayer. Although, people are taught to pray without ceasing, for more reason it has become some people’s daily routine.

Nonetheless, praying against Satan doesn’t call for an effective prayer session because such a being as Satan is an illusion likewise, a God who lives in heaven.

Gradually, I would be pointing out certain realities that people are still oblivious to while entangled in an illusion. Unfortunately, an illusion can never become a reality no matter how real it sounds.

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