The Myths About Racism In Germany – Way Forward For People Of Colour

Germany is often stereotyped by people as a racist country, no doubt, in a country of about 83 million populace that makes up the inhabitants, one would surely meet both the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, just like in every other country.

There is no country without its unique traits, behaviours and attitudes but, they rarely match the national stereotypes. Germany as a country is not exemptional to these and thus, should not be stereotyped as a racist country, just because of a few ill-mannered individuals.

Having lived in a non-western country, where people of colour make up for the majority of the populace and still carry out xenophobic attacks on migrants of the same colour, is proof that every country has those bunch of ill-mannered fellows that will always drag the country’s name to the mud and dent its reputation globally,

Hence, Germany also has such individuals that are ill-mannered, but many are well-mannered and raised rightly to possess a humanitarian mindset.

A majority of Germans are foreigner-friendly, notwithstanding a few that tend to be narcissists in nature, which to me, is a personal trait and not a national one,

As some of them were raised by narcissist parents who never encouraged them to socialise because they only think of themselves as the best and thus, not interested in other people, probably due to insecurities.

While the majority that is foreigner-friendly and eager to socialise do have communication barriers, especially with people of colour who do not speak or understand the German language, which limits their level of socialisation and enthusiasm for them.

Whilst an average mindset would interpret it as racism, coupled with the lesser job opportunities for people of colour, one who understands and able to speak the language would hold a contradictory view of it.

Having heard such myths before my migration to join my spouse and was prepared for the cultural shock, I’m still in disbelief of the warmth receptiveness of the people I have come across so far.

Ranging from my spouse’s family (who have looked beyond my skin colour in treating me as one of them) to the strangers I come across on daily basis, who sees a human first before the skin colour and never fails to show the excitement of meeting me, regardless of my amateur knowledge of the language.

It is within the above conviction of racism to be a personality trait and not a national trait that I deem it necessary for people of colour to look beyond the few that are ill-mannered and likely to be exhibiting some discriminatory traits,

In their cause of integrating into the German society and shouldn’t let such to daunt them or hold a negative view of the country from the racists perspective and more so, be able to learn the German language which fastens integration and portrays opportunities, as Germany is not an English speaking country.

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