Hon Eddy Duru – The Soldier Of Fortune For Unguided African Migrants In Diaspora

The Nigerian Born Germany Based President And Founder Of RARDUJA International (Re-educating Africans On The Risks And Dangers Of Unplanned Journey Abroad) And As well Empowering The Youths

Hon Eddy Duru is a selfless individual, who out of deep concern for the well-being of many African migrants, undergoing tough immigration challenges in different countries of the world, without the wherewithal of returning home due to undocumented-ness.

Founded the organization, RARDUJA International, a non-profit organization. Through which he has been sensitizing the African youths, on the risks of travelling abroad without a plan and proper immigration procedures.

This eventually leaves one in a state of dilemma, as many find it difficult to decide between turning up to the immigration officers and be deported.

Or keep being stuck in an environment, where they cannot be gainfully employed, because of not having the necessary documents.

While many misconstrue such gesture, as means of not wanting them to travel abroad in search of greener pastures and thus, never adhere to it, end up on a journey of no return.

Hon Eddy Duru knowing the challenges and lack of opportunities many are faced with, in most of the African countries, without the necessity of life.

Took it upon himself through his organization, RARDUJA to get the government’s attention towards Youth Empowerment and the provision of skill acquisition centres, to curtail such immigration ordeal, the African youths in the diaspora undergoes.

Presently, in some of the countries, skill acquisition centres are being set in motion and as well, introducing integration courses, that would enable one to understand the migration procedures.

Should eventually, need be it, that one travels out after having acquired the necessary skills, to be able to cope in the foreign countries.

Whilst many stranded migrants in Diaspora, are reaching out to RARDUJA and seeking a way out to return home, it is quite crucial for the African youths, still preparing to embark on such a journey, without a plan or any skill.

To reach out to RARDUJA as well, to be fully informed about the risks of travelling abroad without a plan and possibly get acquainted with the realities of the situation.

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