A Spiritual Surgery – Performed By The Universe

Having returned from my spiritual surgery, which was performed by no other Surgeon, but The Universe Itself

Recounting how many friends I lost throughout the process, including relatives, who couldn’t condone my new found Belief System and thus, became highly judgemental of me and my belief as they deemed me unfitted to be godly

A journey which began in 2014, as I first traveled to South Africa on my quest for a successful and purposeful living, having attained some illusioned spiritual heights before the journey and believing that Jesus Christ would see to the end of it, without my having to soil hands into ungodly things (which I never did) as the Spiritual always controls the physical

But my quests never materialised under such belief, which birthed my questioning of what I believed in and had to set forth on a new Spiritual path, unlike the saying “as you make your bed, so you shall lay on it”, I always say, “if I make my bed wrongly, God give me the opportunity to remake it”

I’m grateful to few friends who never saw my belief as a reason to lose bond with me, but rather came up with questions so as to be clarified with my Belief System, which gave birth to this particular post with the below questions from a friend;

“My questions are this, Have you ever believed in Jesus christ?if yes why did you change .2 why do you believe in sun and the ancestors.3what is your believe about after life.4 what doctrine guard and guide your ways in life which you will impact in your children.what can the sun do?”.

Please if my answers to the above questions will ruin your faith, or you having to ruin my Snow day with attacks or undermining my Belief, kindly unfriend or block me now. Thank you

So, I answered accordingly;

  1. I had believed in Jesus Christ as someone that was raised in a staunch Christian home, growing up, I also believed I had the call of been a Priest of which I almost attended Theology school on my quest of leading people to Christ
  2. I changed after several attempt of trying to obtain at least any of the spiritual gifts according to Biblical promises, with an act of faith, several fasting and prayers, so as to avoid deceiving people with lies and fake prophecies, which never materialised. I took a leap of faith as I travelled to South Africa in 2014, hoping that Christ would make me succeed, against all odds, I never took the easier route of selling drugs or any form of crime like others do, of which they were mostly Christians, I began to see through the illusionary view of Christ and some Biblical lies cooked up by the British people as a way of supressing Nature with humanly God so as to hinder African spirituality for colonial purposes.

I believe in the Sun and my ancestors because my Ancestors believed alike and did great things before colonial era, when they were deceived and conquered, they were enslaved by the same people that suppressed their spirituality and stole all the elements they used in communicating with nature, as they were deemed evil by those who stole them and currently using them to enrich themselves in their museums. Recounting how Adolf Hitler killed 6 millions Jews and never hindered the progress and development in Germany and Europe at large, without any Ancestral curses, which made me question the sins of our innocent Ancestors

As I began making wishes towards Nature I started seeing the manifestations unlike when I believed in Christ, which birthed my spiritual awakening and I began seeing beyond the human limited belief

  1. My believe about life and death is that death is the beginning of a new life, of which one would never achieve all his or her desires in a particular lifetime and thus giving the opportunity of another new beginning through reincarnation
  2. I would teach my children about humanity and natural laws that would guide their moral conducts, because heaven and hell are both on earth and whatever one does comes back to him or her, so they should be mindful of their thoughts and actions
  3. The Sun(Son) is the son of Moon(Mother) and the eyes of the Universe through which we attain spiritual heights and also the source of Belief to those who have reverence for Nature, the Earth is like a wife to the Sun through which it nourishes it’s people with earthly abundance whilst the Stars are it’s children and we are the Stars

God is Nature

The essence of spiritual belief is to have a physical well-being and whatever one believes in, as long as it works for him or her that’s all that matters

Thanks once again for your questions and giving me the opportunity to air my views without being judgemental.

So how did you learn all this”

Through meditation and personal experience with Nature.

“What helps your faith which is essential to our living and good mind Because by faith we are able to hold on to things and hope”

Humanity, Truth and Kindness.

“For example i want something and i pray and i have hope through prayer”

I don’t pray.
I look up to the Sun and make wishes and they happen.

Real deep i can sense”

The dividing line between illusion and reality is a very thin one and when one breaks free from illusion one would begin experiencing reality.

“Actually am appalled at what some people that calls themselves pastor christians,Muslim and so on does”.

Do you think if God is a man that lives in Heaven he would condone all that without striking them immediately?

“Nevertheless i believe in God and Jesus christ.Just hearing about the sun”

We were all told to believe from our parents, even without a personal experience as they were also told by their parents.

I only weep for my continent, that’s all I can say.

It’s well, let whatever we believe in help us but I feel bad because people are suffering, dying and believing in a savior whilst they are the savior of themselves unknowingly.

Above all, let Humanity thrive. Wishing you all a wonderful day. 🙏🏾❤️💡

3 thoughts on “A Spiritual Surgery – Performed By The Universe

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  1. Wonderful 😁
    Amazing 👏👏👏

    You are indeed a great writer and I appreciate you for your good works.

    I pray that God will continue gracing you with his wisdom and understanding to perfect what you do IJN Amen 🙏

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