Integration Of Foreign Nationals Into Black South African Society

Over the years they’ve been series of stigmatisation melted out on black foreign nationals in South Africa, by the black citizens of the host country. These stigmas varies from xenophobic attacks, to disassociation of black South Africans from the citizens of the visiting black countries. And most times issues of taking over the jobs in South Africa by the foreign black nationals, do come up which resorts to launching attacks on the black foreigners by the black citizens, especially in townships.

All these social vices which most times leads to looting of the shops of the black foreigners, in the name of demonstration, is one of the attributes of lack of peaceful coexistence which can also be attributed to lack of characteristics of integration by the foreign black nationals.

Thus, if the foreign black nationals living in South Africa, especially in townships, can be able to be integrating with the black host citizens,  especially in areas of transferability of skills.

As some black citizens might have been misinformed about the black foreign nationals taking all the jobs in South Africa, which is absolutely a myth because there’s shortage of jobs in South Africa because of over population and not only for the backs but also the whites, so it’s a general issue and cannot be channeled only to one direction, because it affects everybody.

And most of the black foreigners are not employed by organisations or government firms, they provide their own jobs. Seeing the circumstances of living in South Africa at the moment regards shortage of jobs, people have embarked on the route of entrepreneurship by providing jobs for themselves.

Some also came with own unique skills that enables them to settle peaceful in townships taking care of own business without having to go in search of jobs. And whenever xenophobic attacks emerges, it’s this people that have their own businesses in townships that are mostly affected. And not even the supposed ones taking the jobs in South Africa.

Could it be because of envy of their skills, in providing jobs for themselves? So, it within my conviction that skill transfer as an attribute of integration can also serve as a means to heal the maniac in our psyche to have believed that the black foreign nationals are taking the jobs in South Africa, and causing job shortage for the citizens.

The foreign black nationals have skills that varies from hair barbing, hair dressing, shoe making and repairs, auto mechanism, restauranter, to clothing and textiles and so on.

And these skills enabled them to have created jobs for themselves to the envy of the host black citizens, and these skills can also be transferred to them depends on the interests in them and ability to integrate on the part of the black foreign nationals living in South Africa.

Most of the jobs do owned by these black foreigners often get burnt during xenophobic attacks which can be avoided if integration takes place. Where a South African black or Coloured can be able to work in those places owned by the black foreigners.

Such as, restaurants, barber shops, hair dressing and beauty saloons, fitness centres, clothing and sewing /footwear shops, bars, clubs are host of other business managed by the black foreigners and often suffer severe attacks during xenophobic occurrences.

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