Understanding The Principle Of Life


Principle of life is beyond the definition of ‘personal principle’, that rules a person’s life. In a layman understanding of what principle means, and who is a person of principle. We can say; A person of principle means someone who faithfully follows their principle or set of principles rather than abandoning them when convenient. If faced with a seemingly difficult decision in life, he or she will refer to his or her guiding set of principles and then merely deduce the correct action from it.

But the above understanding of principle, is not the kind of principle that is related to a person’s purpose of existence. Haven been brought into the world, there’s a reason God created mankind.

This principle of life is made upped of five basic elements.

At this juncture, it’s very important for one to know one’s purpose of existence. I’ll give you an illustration below;

‘A man had three sons and as they grew up, he called his three sons one day and took them to a farm and showed them three trees, he handed each a cutlass asked they cut the tree with an interval of three hours, he left them to the manual labor.

Upon his exit, the first one looked at his cutlass and said their father must have been crazy to have wanted him to cut the tree with such small cutlass, he left. The second one launched into action of cutting his, but got tired before an hour, he lamented the father shouldn’t have expected him to cut such a tree with a blunt cutlass, he dropped the cutlass and left.

However, the third one seeing he had just three hours to cut the tree, he first used one hour to sharpen the cutlass, and one hour to cut the tree, he was resting on the third hour when their father got back with their reward and was disappointed at the other two that had abandoned their labor’.

Now following the above illustration which I’ll explain now, you’d realize that we are to our Creator what the sons were to their father.

The trees are our purpose of existence and mission or tasks which we were created to fulfill in life.

The cutlass is potential which we will use to fulfill that mission or task. Some abandoned their potential because they didn’t sharpen it enough to fulfill the purpose of their existence. Thus, living like a nobody when they are somebody.

And the time interval is the period of our existence on earth, nobody lives forever because we must all return one day to give accounts of what we did with our potentials.

Have you discovered yours or are you still waiting? We have a societal problem of not wanting to start small in life, we all want to make it big even without starting. We launch into action with non sharpened potential. Most of the great men we know today, started small.

At this point you have to understand these ‘5’ basic elements of principle of life;

* Discovering your potential
* Nurturing your potential
* Launching your potential
* Living your dream
* Giving to society

Discovering your potential:
As I have earlier discussed in my article titled; (Have you discovered your potential?), If you read the article by now you should have discovered what makes you happy, what is it that you enjoy doing even without payment. ‘Deep down is the potential to be great only if we are willing to dig’. Most people have the potential to be employers, but they ended up as employees because they didn’t discover their potential.

Pause a while and ask yourself if you are in the right channel. Are you working for someone at a low pay when you should have created your own job? Are you afraid of starting small? At this point age is involved, that’s why is good to start early to plan your life, discover your potential and start small at early age and before you are getting to the age you are now, you might be doing great things that you can’t do at this present age.

No time is late to start planning a life for someone that is very young and energetic. If you are working with the wrong potential then you are not working for yourself but living in another person’s shadow. But working with the potential you were equipped with from birth, doesn’t only make you happy but also gives you the ability of giving to society.

Please Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts.

Thank you.

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